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Is a Mobile App Right for Your Business?

Today, we're addressing a question that pops in business owners' and marketers' minds all the time - "When does my business need a mobile app?" Making that decision on whether your business requires a mobile app can be challenging. Is developing an app an exciting prospect? Absolutely. But is the Return on Investment (ROI) worth all the resources, time, and effort? Let's delve deeper.

Start Off with a Website!

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Before diving into the app development sea, the first question to ponder is, do you have a website? If the answer is yes, then it's time you start contemplating about having an app. However, if you don't have a website, shift your focus towards creating a high-quality, mobile-friendly website.

Essentially every business, regardless of its size or nature, needs a robust online presence—typically a website.

Your website is more than merely a digital facade. It is an indispensable tool that allows your audience to learn about you, your mission, and your products or services. Having a website that can be easily accessed from any device is a must in this digital era. It offers your customers a quick and convenient way of reaching you and doubles their expectations.

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Apps

While a mobile-friendly website is a non-negotiable necessity, a mobile app brings a plethora of unique opportunities to connect with your customers. Considering the ever-increasing time spent on mobile phones by users of all age brackets, an app can be a powerful channel to reach your audience.

According to data by Mindsee, mobile users spend a staggering 87% of their time in apps, making an app an appealing platform to target your prospective customers. However, the catch here is - your app must be worth downloading!

How to Make Your App Worth Downloading?

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A successful business app typically offers an experience that web users wouldn't find on your website. If your app merely mirrors your site and shares blog articles, you might find it tough to make a mark. Such an app strategy may work if your business churns out a massive amount of content and enjoys a high loyalty rate amongst followers.

Your app ought to offer a unique user experience. Features such as scanning receipts to earn points, providing an augmented reality experience enabling users to interact with your product, or engaging users through gaming elements can make your app a hit among its users.

App Benefits Beyond Sales

Mobile apps make direct connections with customers possible, especially through features like push notifications and mobile purchasing. A push notification is a powerful tool that gives you direct access to your audience's mobile phone.

You can leverage this feature to engage your most loyal customers with sales alerts and discount offers. Use push notifications to drum up anticipation for upcoming events, inform clients about changes in business hours, or provide alerts for limited-time offers.

Mobile apps also enable businesses to establish efficient communication channels with their remote workforce. Construction companies or engineering firms often utilize internal apps to streamline communication between the job site and the office. Similarly, an app can safely track a fleet of vehicles, negating the need for employees to text while driving, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

Leveraging Apps for Branding

Apps offer businesses a full-screen platform to showcase their brand, offering more scope for immersive user experiences. Animated interactions and aesthetically pleasing app icons are just a few possibilities that can enhance your brand's digital profile.

The Big Question – Should You Build an App?

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If your organization aims to provide a unique custom experience unachievable with a website, then an app is most definitely a good idea. If you seek a more direct and proactive way to engage your loyal customers, an app can work wonders. Also, if you enjoy a large and loyal followers base and consistently roll out fresh content, an app is indeed the right move.

At Enesien Software, we boast a full-fledged team of app developers who excel in how to transform your app vision into a reality. Feel free to contact us, we'd love the opportunity to serve you.

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